Why You Should Not Do Your Own Electrical Work in Metro Atlanta, GA; High Risk of Fire & Injury. Call a Licensed Electrician!

If you have a light bulb out or need to add an extension cord for a lamp you are more than qualified to handle these tasks. If you are looking at changing out a fixed lighting fixture, add more outlets or move electrical wires you want to make sure that you contact an electrician. There is a reason that an electrician has attended schools and studied with a journeyman in their field. Working with electrical items in your home can be very dangerous. The danger is real since the electrical outlets and wires in a home are live and have electricity on them. The work that is being done should be left to a professional so that you are not in harm’s way. There are several ways that you can be in danger when you are doing your own electrical work.

Sullivan Electrical Services List Ways You Can Be In Danger When Doing Your Own Electrical Work.

You Can Start An Electrical Fire: If you are in need of having some electrical work done and you are thinking that you can do it yourself, you need to be aware of the risk of a fire. When you move around or add new wiring to an area in your walls you need to be sure that you cover and insulate them. If you fail to insulate and cover them correctly it can cause the wires to get hot and that can in turn start a fire in the wall. The fire will spread quickly and that can be devastating and cause major damage to your home. To stay away from this danger it is always better to hire a professional that can take care of your electrical work.
You Can Be Injured: The wiring that is in your home is full of electricity. That can cause some serious injury to the person that is doing the work. Although the electricity might off, you could still be working with a live wire. If you touch a live wire even for a second you could be shocked with a volt of electricity that can cause injury and even death. When a professional comes out to do the electrical work for you they have the tools to check each wire to be sure that they are safe to handle before the work begins. They can safely do the work and stay away from the dangers of injury while in the process.

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If you have any area of electrical work that needs to be done in your home it is always better to allow a professional to do the work for you. They are able to safely take care of any electrical changes that you want. A professional has the tools and the knowledge to add anything from new wiring, move outlets, add lighting and much more. Contact us for all your electrical needs!

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