Brightness, Energy Efficiency & Longevity of LED VS Halogen Lights in Lithonia & Metro Atlanta, GA; Indoor Recessed, Track & Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The dramatic effect that lighting can bring to your yard, make installing landscape lighting a no brainer. Over the years, technological advances have given homeowners more options when it comes to the lighting in their outdoor spaces. Halogen bulbs used to be the clear winner when it came to landscape lighting, but LED lighting has drastically improved. Sullivan Electric Services is here to walk you through the pros and cons of halogen versus LED lighting for your landscaping needs.

Pros of Halogen Light Bulbs

For many years, halogen bulbs have been the dominant choice when it comes to landscape lighting. The quality of light they provide is great. The biggest benefit halogen bulbs have is their inexpensive cost. You can get halogen bulbs anywhere from $4-$10 per bulb. There are low voltage options available in halogen lighting that make them fairly energy efficient. You can expect to save about 20 percent on your energy bill when using low voltage halogen bulbs.

Cons of Halogen Light Bulbs

The biggest downside to using a low voltage halogen bulb is their poor longevity. They don’t last as long as other lighting options. They need to be changed after 2,000-5,000 hours, which equates to changing them about once a year. Over time, halogen bulbs can actually end up costing you quite a bit more money. Halogen bulbs also get quite hot when they are on for a long period of time. Up to 90 percent of their energy is given off as heat. If they are near anything flammable they become a fire risk.

Pros of LED Lights

Light-Emitting Diode or LED lighting has improved dramatically over the years. They used to be known for their low quality lighting and poor color. The quality has gotten much better. LED lighting is more expensive up front, but in the end can really save you money. They last anywhere from 30,000-50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. These bulbs can last up to ten years before replacement. Not only do they last much longer, they use a fraction of the energy other lighting choices use. You can save up to 80% on your energy bill by switching over to LED lights. LED lights are also very cool to the touch and don’t pose the fire risk that other lighting choices do.

Cons of LED Lights

The only downside to LED lighting is the upfront cost. Even though over time they are much more cost efficient, homeowners sometimes have a hard time paying upfront for LEDs. The cost can be anywhere from $20-$100 per bulb. Homeowners need to be aware that not all LED bulbs are the same. If they have low quality LED lights, they can have a dim light and poor color. If they are a low quality light, they can stop working prematurely as well.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Installing landscape lighting has many benefits. It can increase the safety of your property and help you feel more secure. Good lighting can mark clear walking paths throughout your property for yourself and guests. And last but not least, landscape lighting is a good way to add curb appeal to your property.

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