Should You Have an Electrical Safety Code Inspection Done in Your Lithonia, GA Home or Business? We Can Check Electrical Panel, Outlets, Wiring & Fire Alarm Systems

Every home is wired for electricity. When the original installation is done it has to go through safety inspections to ensure that the work is done correctly. If it is not done correctly, the inspector will make the electrician re-do the work and come back out for another inspection. Even with all these inspections there are times that things are missed and can go wrong. The problem is that the wiring and electrical work is behind sealed up walls and you cannot visually see if there is a problem. Even if the original work was done right, there are always repairs and additions that can be done that may not have been checked by a professional. If the electrical is a problem not only will the outlets, appliances and any other electrical devices not work but the outcome can be dangerous. Electricity it nothing to mess with so if you have concern about a home you are in, you can have an electrical code inspection done by a licensed and expert electrician.

Sullivan Electrical Services lists what to expect when you have an electrical code inspection.

Start With The Electrical Panel: Many times if there is a problem with your electrical wiring somewhere in the house you can check the electrical panel that houses all the breakers for a sign that there is an issue. During the electrical inspection, the electrician will also check the panel to make sure that there is the proper amount of power and that each breaker, circuit and fuse is working properly. If there are not we will be able to make the necessary adjustments.
Check All Outlets: Sullivan Electric will then take time to go over all the outlets in the house. This can be several outlets per room and it can take some time but it is worth it so that one is not skipped. We have specialized tools that check to be sure that the outlet is functioning and if there is an issue it can be looked at and repaired. We may remove the plate on the outlet and check wires that may need to be replaced. It may also be the actual outlet that needs replacing.
Inspect All Electrical Wires: We can also look over the wiring that is accessible to be sure that each one has the proper amount of insulation to protect it from heat. If there are wires that are not up to code they will need to be removed and replaced with an appropriate wire.
Look at Fire Alarm Systems: Many home fires are caused due to some electrical mishap so making sure that your fire alarm system is working correctly can alert you to a fire that has started and potentially save your life.

Electrical Code Inspections, Wiring & Work in Lithonia, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Conyers, Covington & Metro Atlanta, Georgia

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