The Basics of Home Lighting Design in Decatur, GA; Dimmer Switches, Ambient Uplights & Downlights, Task & Accent Track, Recessed & Can Lighting

When planning the layout of your room, lighting can have a large impact on it and should be taken into consideration. There are many purposes for lighting. Not only is lighting important to see where you are taking your next step, it can be used to accent, or change your mood. Sullivan Electric Services is here to talk about some basics involved in choosing the right lighting for your home.

Different Types of Lighting Systems in Interior Design

There are three basic types of lighting that you will need to think about when putting together plans for a space; ambient, task and accent lighting. You will want to take several things into consideration including the size of the space, what you want focal points to be, how much natural light the room gets, and the purpose of the room.

Ambient Lighting Definition

One of the basic types of lighting is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting means that light is coming in from all different directions and filling the space. This lighting is important so that visibility will be possible in a room. You want the light to bounce off all surfaces so that it can fill the room completely. Up-lights and down-lights are included in this group.
Up-Lights. These lights point the light up toward the ceiling. Examples of up-lights include, floor lamps that cast the light up toward the ceiling, or sconces as well.
Down-Lights. These lights are fixtures that cast the light down toward the floor. Examples would be recessed or can lighting, and track lighting.

Task Lighting Fixtures

You will most likely find this form of lighting in places like kitchens or offices, where you need enough light to work without straining your eyes. Bathrooms are also a common place task lighting is found. Examples of task lighting sources would be a desk lamp, the lights around a bathroom mirror, or the lighting that is installed under the cabinets in a kitchen. These lights don’t always completely light an entire room, but they create a focused light source to make specific tasks easier without creating glares and shadows.

Indoor Accent Lighting Ideas

Accent lighting is used to highlight different areas in your room. If you have artwork displayed, you may want some concentrated light in that area. You may find accent lights highlighting cabinets or architectural features throughout your home too. Sometimes track lighting is used to accent areas in a room as well as recessed or can lights. You want to make sure your accent lights are pointing at the right angle so that they don’t create a glare. They should also be positioned out of the line of sight. You don’t want the light itself to be the focal point but the item in which it is illuminating.

Consider a Light Dimmer Switch

One way to control the lighting in your room to create a certain ambiance, is the use of a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch can easily change the mood of your room and can be a great way to utilize the lighting in your room. This is also a way to save on your energy bill, if there are times you don’t need to have your room brightly lit.

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No matter what lighting you are considering for your home, Sullivan Electric Services can help you create a beautiful space using light. Call Sullivan Electric Services today with all of your lighting needs.

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