Electrical Safety; Do You Need Child Proof Outlets & Plugs for Your Electrical Receptacles in Conyers, GA?

If you have a baby or a toddler that seems to go from one room to the next looking to touch things they shouldn’t; then you know how important it is to baby proof a home. Many people think about the cabinets that house chemicals and they secure the bottom or top of the stairs so the baby can’t fall but did you know that there are electrical areas that can be reached by a child and possibly cause injury? The outlets and cords around your home are near the level that a baby would look right at; and they have electrical currents running through them. All it takes is for a small child to have a toy of some sort that they want to stick right in the outlet. This can lead to the child getting a shock of electricity, trip the breaker and even blow out the outlet. You want to make sure that if you have a baby or you have moved and you have small children, you take time to child proof your home for electrical outlets and cords.

Sullivan Electrical Services Lists What You Need To Know About Child Proofing Your Home From Electrical Outlets & Cords

Check What Cords & Electrical Outlets Are in Reach of Children: When you are going though the house to decide what areas need to be child proofed, it’s a good idea to see what a child might see. You can’t stand at your full adult height and see what might entice a child to pull, stick or tug on an electrical outlet. It is a great idea to get down at their level to see outlets and cords that might be in their view or reachable by their little skinny arm and hands. It may seem silly but it is a great way to not miss anything that they may see. You might from above think something is out of view and when you get down to their level you could change your mind. When you look through the home you want to compile a list of areas and what needs to be addressed to make sure they are secured.
Electrical Outlets Need To Be Covered: One of the biggest complaints that parents have when it comes to securing the electrical and child proofing is their electrical outlets. The outlets are right at the level of the child’s eye when they are sitting down to play. It looks just like a perfect spot to stick a toy and that can be extremely bad. There are many different types of covers that you can use to cover the outlets and they can be purchased at a baby store or a home improvement store. Use the list you compiled so that you do not forget any of the outlets, even if they are hiding behind a piece of furniture.
Secure Electrical Cords: An open outlet is really only half the battle. The other half are the cords that are actually utilizing the outlet and are plugged in. You don’t want a child to come over and pull out the plug for two main reasons. The first is that the outlet is now exposed and the second reason is that they can now pull on the cord and that can pull the item that is plugged in down on the child and cause injury. You can purchase a cover with this in mind so you can secure the rest of the cord to the wall so that it cannot be pulled on.

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