Replacing Electrical Panel & Circuit Breaker in Snellville, GA; Danger Signs You Need to Upgrade!

Do you live in an older home? Are you getting ready to remodel? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, you may want to have your electrical panel looked at first. The electrical panel in your home is where all the magic happens for your electrical system. It is where your home receives the electrical current from the utility company as it is connected to power lines. It consists of circuit breakers that protect your home from power overloads and other electrical hazards. Sullivan Electric Services would like to talk about some signs that indicate it is time to replace your current circuit panel with a new one.

Signs You May Need to Upgrade to a New Electrical Service Panel

If your home is older, chances are, your electrical panel is as well. There have been many changes made in the manufacturing of electrical panels, and they are proven to be far safer than older ones. You should have a qualified electrician evaluate your circuit panel to find out if you should replace it or not. There are some signs that you should have your circuit panel evaluated including:
Flickering Lights– If you notice the lights are flickering when your appliances are turning on, this could be a sign that your electrical panel needs to be replaced. This usually happens with larger appliances like your refrigerator or air conditioning system.
Faulty Equipment– There are some electrical equipment manufacturers that have been taken off the market over the years due to serious safety issues. Federal Pacific is probably the most notorious, but Zinsco and GTE/Sylvania are also included in that list. If your home is equipped with any of these brands, you will want to have them replaced as soon as possible to avoid serious safety hazards for you and your family.
Outdated Electrical Panels– In the 1960s-1970s “split-buss” panels were popular in many homes. These panels aren’t well equipped to handle the many electronics that are now used in most homes and are subject to overloads and aren’t as reliable or as safe as new panels.

Safety Risks Involved in Old Electrical Panels

If you check your electrical panel and ever feel any heat radiating off of it, this is a serious safety issue. If your circuit panel is getting hot, it often emits a burning smell that can help you be aware of the problem as well. You want to be cautious when testing the heat of your panel by touching it. There are times that it will be very hot to the touch if it needs replacing. If our circuit panel is hot to the touch, you’re at risk of an electrical fire and should have a licensed electrician take a look at it right away.

Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacements, Emergency Wiring & Related Services in Lithonia, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Conyers, Covington & Metro Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Areas

Electrical codes change over the years and can be the determining factor in whether your circuit panel can be repaired or it needs to be completely replaced. Sullivan Electric Services has qualified electricians that can use their experience and training to help you determine if your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced. Call for an appointment today!

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