Teaching Your Kids About Electrical Safety Measures, Rules & Tips in Covington, GA

Anyone that has a child or has been around children know how curious they are about anything they can see or hear about. They are a constant fountain of questions and inquisition. They want to look at, touch, smell and sometimes even taste anything of interest. Depending on the child’s age, that is practically everything they can reach. As children get older they start to look at things differently and now want to know how things work and what happens if? This can be dangerous especially if the child is playing with any of the electrical in a home. You can’t see it but the electricity is in the walls of your home is hot and that means that if it is touched you can be shocked. The best way to keep kids away from the dangers of the electricity is to teach them about it and make it interesting.

Sullivan Electrical Services Lists Ways to Teach Your Children About Being Safe Near Electricity

Teach Home Electrical Safety When Kids are Young: While your child is small and they are not able to get around the house you don’t have much to worry about. Once they start to move around and can touch you need to have the home baby proofed. Once they are at an age that they can understand when you talk to them you can start to talk to them about the areas that can be dangerous. You can use small commands that are easy to understand when they are near or try and touch something like an outlet of pull on a cord.
Repetition Is Key When Teaching About Electricity: Just like with anything, the more you hear something the easier it is to remember it. If you tell a child something like be careful once they are sure to forget and possibly get into it again. It is a great idea to talk to them frequently about the areas of concern and what they should not be doing. Kids really like to do what is right and when they are told numerous times the information can sink in and eventually they will know that it is important.
Point Out Cords & Outlets & Teach Kids to Stay Away: If you tell a child that they should not touch the electrical outlets they probably have no idea what it is you are talking about. That will lead to them continuing to investigate interesting things such as the outlet. You never want to show them what not to do since that will only peak their interest, but you want to show them what is dangerous and why they need to stay away. They can learn about outlets, cords and wiring which can help to keep them safe.
Let Them Ask Questions About Power: Kids love to be inquisitive and will ask a million questions if you allow them. When it comes to safety of any kind it is always best to allow the child to ask questions to help them better understand the rules you set regarding electrical safety. Once they are satisfied with the explanations they will be warier about touching the dangerous objects.

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If you are unlucky enough to have a child that makes a mistake and short an outlet or ruin some wiring, you want to make sure that the repairs are done as soon as possible. The possibility of injury increases severely when the wires are exposed and damaged. Always used a licensed electrician to make these repairs for you. Contact Sullivan Electric Services for all your electricity needs.

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