What is the Moonlighting, Accent & Other Landscape Lighting Techniques in Centerville, GA?

When you think about your landscape design, have you ever though about the lighting it needs? Many people underestimate the value of landscape lighting. It can completely transform your landscape so that you can enjoy it in the evening as well as during the daylight. There are several different landscape lighting techniques to help you get the results you’re looking for. Sullivan Electric Services is here to talk about what techniques are often used and in what settings.

Different Landscape Lighting Techniques

When it comes to choosing the right landscape lighting techniques in your landscape design, you need to think about the aspects of your landscape that you want lit in the first place. Consider different elements of your house and your landscape that could benefit from some lighting at night. Following are some of the options you can choose from:
– Spot or Accent Lighting: If you choose a spotlight or accent lighting for your landscape, you are using a controlled intense light beam. It is usually used to illuminate sculptures, small shrubs or statues.
– Grazing: When you have different textures found in your landscape, you can make them noticeable with grazing. This is done by placing a light next to something like textured bark, a masonry wall or a unique door so that the texture can be seen at night.
– Shadowing: You can place the light in front of certain objects to create unique shadows on fences or walls during nighttime hours.
– Silhouetting: If you place lights behind objects like hedges or trees, you can make a silhouette effect against the skyline at dusk.
– Downlighting: You can mount lighting up high in trees or on the side of your house to illuminate large spaces at night. This will give you general lighting so you can enjoy your time outside.
– Cross Lighting: When you have light sources coming at an object like a statue from more than one angle, it can give a brilliant 3D effect.
– Uplighting: If you aim lights upward, it can create a dramatic affect in your landscape design. It is similar to the lighting you would find in a theatre. You usually want uplighting to be focused on specific plants or objects found in your yard.
– Diffused Lighting: Diffused lighting uses low-level illumination to create a larger illuminated space like a pathway or over an entire flower bed. The fixtures are quite small and unnoticeable other than the space that they illuminate is filled with light.
– Moonlighting: This is similar to downlighting, but it is much softer. Lights placed in high up areas are supposed to resemble the light given by the moon at night.

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