Outdoor Halloween Electricity Power & Lighting Safety & Ideas in Stone Mountain, GA; String & Strobe Lights, Spotlights, Fog Machines

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us will be decorating our homes. Will you be adding lights, strobe lights or fog machines? If you’ll be needing extra power, then you need to make sure all is done safely.

Sullivan Electric Services Offers Some Safety Electrical Tips for Your Outdoor Halloween Lighting!

Don’t Hide Electrical Cords Under Rugs: You’ll have to try not to cover wires and cords with area rugs or old pieces of carpet as it prevents heat from leaving the cords and can start an electrical fire.
Overloading Electrical Outlets Cause Fires: Make sure you don’t plug more than three standard size sets of lights in one outlet. If you start putting too much strain on extension cords and outlets you could be asking for trouble.
Indoor Extension Cords Are Not for Outdoor Use: You also need to keep all indoor electrical cords etc indoors and outside ones outside. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because it’s dry out that you won’t have any issues.
Keep Electrical Cords Dry: Never ever run extension cords through water. All it takes is a little bit of dampness to cause electrical shock and this goes for animated displays radios, lights and extension cords too.
UL Electrical Approved: Make sure to keep your extension cords up to date and UL-approved. All product labels should have been tested and approved by UL or the Underwriters Laboratory.
GFCI Outlet Breakers: All outdoor cords and lights need to plugged into GFCI outlets to protect against water hazards, shocks and fires. If you don’t have any, you can purchase portable GFCIs to keep everyone safe.
Wind & Outdoor Lighting; Use Insulated Staples to Hang: The wind can damage outdoor lights if they aren’t securely attached. Use small hooks to run your lights or use staples that are insulated. Strings of lights should never be put up with uninsulated staples, tacks or nails as they can as they can cause fire or shock if they cause any damage to the wires.
Frayed Sockets & Loose Connections: You will need to consider buying new decorations if the sockets are frayed or have loose connections as they can lead to a serious shock.
Storing Halloween Lights: Using electrical tape isn’t a safe solution and when it’s time to put away the decorations, you should store them in their original packaging to keep them protected.
Heat Resistant Halloween Costumes & Decorations: When it comes to the costumes you’ll be wearing, you should make sure they are labeled as heat resistant. If your costume is one that has hanging material, take extra care around open fire or electrical items. Along with Halloween comes fall décor like hay bales, cornstalks and other material that tend to get dry and become easy to catch fire. If your decorations are made of paper you will also need to be careful.
Turn Off Outside Lights When Not Home: If you’ll be leaving your home for the night turn off all electrical decorations and strings of lights because light bulbs and wires that are overworked can lead to the risk or electrical fires. Don’t keep them plugged on for long periods of time.

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Kids love Halloween with all the candy and decorations. Keep all those kiddos safe when they come to your house. A holiday is only fun if no injuries occur. In the unlikely event you should have a mishap that leads to a fire, make sure that your family has a plan in place to escape. Being prepared can be the difference between life and death. Contact Sullivan Electric Services for all your electrical needs!

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