Best Outdoor Security Lighting in Decatur, GA; Spotlights, LED Flood Lights, Motion Sensor Lights & More

Are you trying to ramp up your home’s security? Studies have shown that outdoor lights are a big deterrent for burglars. Having a well lit property gives the burglars no place to hide. Prevent burglaries or home invasions with multiple layers of security. Having a fence surrounding the property is layer one. Layer two is outdoor lighting. Layer three, security bars on doors and windows. Layer four, cameras and alarms in and outside your home. As you add these layers, you will deter the burglars. Most of the time you will hear that burglars are looking for an easy score. Sullivan Electric Services wants to talk about layer two – security lights and which ones are the best to use!

Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

Motion Sensor lighting is usually the first choice for most homeowners. As the name implies, the lights turn on when it detects motion. When the sensor picks up motion the lights will come on. The RAB Super Stealth are the top motion sensor lights. The motion sensor has a reach of 60 feet and has a sensor pattern of 180 degrees. This is a good option to cover a large outdoor space. With the ability to use either led bulbs or high powered incandescent, with 100 watt capacity, the RAB Super Stealth motion sensor lights can beam deep into the darkness. Maxsa Innovation 40218 is another recommended motion sensor light system. The Maxsa is great for small to medium size yards. The sensor only has a range of 40 feet but uses very little power. First Alert PIR725 is a good choice for small areas like a patio or porch. In a sense, this is a light bulb that you screw into any light fixture outside. However this bulb will turn on when it picks up motion within 12 feet and covers 360 degrees.

LED Fixed & Double Bulb Flood Lights

Flood lights are a wide beam of light that you usually see covering large areas. This light is good for larger properties, commercial buildings, and construction sites. However this light is either on a timer or uses a manual light switch. This light will stay on throughout the entire night. The LED bulbs used in flood lights helps make it more cost effective. The All-Pro FTR 1740L covers the biggest area and this helps increase security. However it does have a lower lumens and a higher wattage used than other flood lights. The All-Pro FSL2030LW is a single fixed light. Because of the single light, it uses less power then a double flood light and illuminates more light since all the wattage is flowing into one bulb. This makes it more cost effective than a double bulb flood light. M4 Security LED is also a fixed flood light that is one of the best energy efficient flood lights on the market. However, it doesn’t throw out as much light as other flood lights, making this light better for small areas.

Indoor & Outdoor Landscape Security Lighting & Electrical Wiring Work in Lithonia, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Conyers, Covington & Metro Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Areas

Sullivan Electric Service wants to help add security to your home or business. If you are considering adding security lighting, find out which one is best for your needs, both environmentally and financially. Each layer of defense you add to your home or business, helps make you a smaller target. Contact Sullivan Electric Services for all your electrical wiring and lighting needs!

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