Common Types of Landscape Lighting in Snellville, GA; Spotlights & Other Outdoor Garden Lights

Do you ever drive by somebody’s house and they have it lit up with beautiful lights in their yard and around the house? Then think, “I want my house to look like that.” Having light in your landscaping can bring so much beauty to your home. Did you know that there are different types of lighting that you can use for your landscape? Sullivan Electric Services delves into the most common below.

Tree Lighting

Beautiful large trees that can make your landscape look amazing. When you add lighting to those beautiful trees, it can add a lot to your landscape. There are different types of lighting you can choose for your trees.
Uplighting – Uplighting helps show off the tree branches by drawing attention to the trunk structure. You can put one to two fixtures on the base and point the light upward highlighting the structure of the tree. If you want to show more of the branches, you can place the light 8 to 10 feet from the trunk
Moonlights – If you go with moonlighting, it creates a glow that mimics the moonlight. This is great for highlighting trees and flowers with this type of lighting. The light is mounted in the tree with the light shining down.
Downlighting – Downlighting is great to show off a flower bed or your favorite plant in the garden. It can also be used to shine light on your patio seating area or under pathways to help keep it safe.

Fountain & Sculpture Lighting

Lighting can do a lot to bring beauty to your fountain or sculpture in the garden. There are different types of lighting. You can choose for your fountain or sculpture.
Silhouette – Silhouette lighting is popular if you want to bring more drama and interest into your feature. It creates a stunning effect that draws the eyes to it. The way you accomplish this is to spread the light between the fountain or statue to bring out the silhouette.
Shadowing – Shadowing is used to wash an object out casting a shadow against the wall or fence. This is great for fountains or trees which can create a big shadow that you can see blowing the wind against the wall.
Spotlighting – A spotlight is great, if you want a focal point in your garden, this is great for plants or objects, such as statues that you want people to view at night. This can make your home feel more open and inviting. Spotlighting fountains or sculptures can also help create a dramatic effect.

Garden Lighting

Lighting in the garden or on a pathway is a great way to keep your garden and others around it safe. When you put lighting on a pathway, it can help guests navigate where to go and where the steps are easier. When someone can see where they are walking there are fewer falls and fewer injuries.

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There are so many different types of lighting you can add to your landscape. Having light in your landscape can bring dramatic flair, make it more inviting, and beautify your landscape. Do not hesitate to bring light into your landscape. Give Sullivan Electric Services a call and add light to the yard.

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