Residential & Commercial Electrical Wiring Safety Inspections Checklist

Sullivan Electric Services is the best choice when needing an electrician for your residential home and commercial businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta, Georgia. We are fully licensed and insured to perform superior quality as we uphold high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and family-friendly customer service time and time again. Sullivan Electric Services utilizes top-grade equipment, tools, supplies, and products exclusively offered to licensed professionals to ensure our customers get premium results on all services rendered. Included on Sullivan Electric Services menu board is our electrical inspection service.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial businesses and residential homes in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas may need a licensed electrician inspection service for construction or renovations to prove everything is up to code, or perhaps moving into a new home or commercial space is your current adventure and you want to make sure you are not investing in a mountain of electrical problems. No matter the reasons, Sullivan Electric Services CO. LLC is the leading experts in the field and can perform a comprehensive electrical inspection on your home or business.

Why You Need an Electrical Wiring Inspection

Common reasons why folks depend on Sullivan Electric Services for an unbiased, in depth electrical inspection service:
– Frequent electrical abnormalities are occurring in the home or business.
– Recent remodeling where the electrical components where performed by someone other than Sullivan Electric Services.
– Homeowners wish to acquire a “listing inspection” before selling your home to uncover problems and getting them repaired for listing the home.
– Looking to a buy a new home to ensure the electrical work is up to code and efficient.
– Inheriting a home or been living in a home for several years and you want the peace of mind there are no electrical problems, or if some are discovered they can be quickly repaired.

Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist

Sullivan Electric Services professionals will cover, but are not limited to the following during our commercial or residential electrical inspection in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.
– Proper light bulb wattage is checked and verified.
– The condition and efficiency of switches and wall outlets are inspected.
– Entire electrical systems are inspected for any potential hazards.
– AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupters are inspected and tested to ensure performance.
– Safety and security lighting are examined for optimal operation.
– Grounding systems are thoroughly gone over.
– Surge protection is scrutinized for adequacy.
– Smoke detectors are noted for proper function and placement location.
– Carbon monoxide detectors are also tested for proper function and placement.
– Electrical panel is looked through for appropriate labels, amps, and sufficient performance.
– All outdoor electrical systems are inspected.
– A comprehensive, meticulously detailed, and prioritized report of the electrical system in your home or business is completed, taking appropriate notes of the potential problems.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Wiring Safety Inspections in Lithonia, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Conyers, Covington & Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Sullivan Electric Services professionals take great care in all we do, including our electrical inspections of your Greater Atlanta, Georgia home or business. Any problems we discover can be repaired and we are more than happy to consult with your on our recommended solutions. Call us today to get started!

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