Electrical Panel, Circuit & Fixture Installation

Sullivan Electrical Services supplies a number of electrical services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Completely licensed and insured, we are dedicated to delivering an extraordinary professional experience. Sullivan Electrical Services electricians have advance training, years of experience, and natural skills that are amplified with high-end products, equipment, and tools only offered to professionals that are licensed to perform superior quality workmanship. Included in our exceptional services is the practice of high moral standards and work ethics and friendly customer service on consistent bases.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Installation Services

Sullivan Electrical Services commercial and residential customers of Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas frequently require professional electrical installation. We are well versed in electrical installations of all types, from panels to circuit breakers, to outlets and ceiling fans and including appliances and equipment. No matter how big or small we can get your electrical installations done quickly and efficiently.

Below are a few examples of the more common electrical installations we provide.
1. Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation. Ceiling fans are a great commodity all year long, improving air circulation as well as assisting in cooling down warm days. Where ceiling fans appear simple in nature to install, they are heavy and if not properly installed can hinder the performance of your newly acquired ceiling fan.
2. EV Charger Installation. With many people wanting to do their part for the environment, the electric and hybrid automobiles need a charging station. Sullivan Electrical Services ensures a charging installation that is safe, stable, and convenient for you and your vehicles needs.
3. Commercial and Residential Electrical Panel Upgrades. To avoid and prevent electrical hazards as well as electrical issues when installing additional appliances, especially ones equipped with high technological features, electrical panel upgrades is essential for smooth operation. Additionally, when businesses or homes have been renovated or remodeled they will often require the more modern electrical panels to heighten electrical performance.
4. Upgrade & Installation for Circuits. Homes and businesses throughout the Atlanta, Georgia can frequently experience the breaker tripping, interrupting daily duties. If this applies to you, a simple circuit upgrades or additional circuits may be installed to allow your electricity to better perform.
5. Exhaust Fan Installation. Exhaust fans equipped in homes and business are designed to help control the temperature and moisture as well as diverting the more pungent odors, which aid in preventing mildew and mold as well as other moisture related damages. If your home or business lacks operating exhaust fans, have Sullivan Electrical Services install an exhaust fan installation.
6. Tankless Water Heater. Tankless water heaters are truly an asset, they are far more energy efficient and produce an endless supply of hot water. To get your tankless water heater installed, trust in experts of Sullivan Electrical Services.
7. Residential & Commercial Generators. There are many “what if” scenarios that can lead your home or business in relying in a generator, in the event that your home or business depends on one, you need to know that it is flawlessly installed for dependable service. Sullivan Electrical Services can install your commercial and/or residential generator proficiently.
8. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors require proper placement for efficient performance. With annual battery changes, testing, and maintenance, we got you covered.

Lithonia, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Conyers, Covington & Metro Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Areas

Sullivan Electrical Services prides ourselves on completing any service quickly and sufficiently, as it will be done right the first time, to keep our customers safe and electrical needs up to par. Call us today to get started on your electrical installation needs.

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