What to Do in an Electrical Emergency in Conyers, GA; Response Plan & Procedure to Avoid Electric Shock, House Fires & More!

If you go to turn on a switch or plug in an appliance and it does not work, you might start to panic. You really don’t need to do that since there are some simple troubleshooting tasks that you can try to correct the issue. Electricity is not something that you want to mess with if you have no experience. You can cause bodily injuries to yourself while touching a wire that is live or hot. This can get you quite a shock which can cause an injury and if it is a high enough voltage it can even cause death. Another reason that electricity in your home is nothing to play with, is it can cause a house fire. Every year faulty wiring in homes cause fires that could have potentially been caught if a professional electrician does an inspection. When something goes awry with your electrical outlets or wiring in your home you want to stay calm and troubleshoot and if none of them work you can call a licensed electrician.

Sullivan Electrical Services Lists What You Can Do To Troubleshoot An Electrical Emergency

Don’t Panic in an Electrical Emergency: The first thing that many people do when something does not work is to panic and start pushing, clicking and touching everything in hopes that it will work. When you are talking about electrical work you want to make sure that you do not panic at all! You need to keep a level head and make sure that you do what you can to assess the situation to be sure that you have the best plan of action. When you start to panic when it comes to electricity you could cause more damage and even injury.
Consequences of Electrical Faults: There are several things that can end up going wrong if you notice a problem with your electrical system. The main one is injury since the wires that you are working with are attached to an electrical current. The electrical current will run unless it is switched off at the source. When you panic you may touch something that is still live which is when people are electrocuted. Another problem that can happen is that the house can catch fire. This is more likely to happen if you try to make the repairs yourself and it is not done to code. The code will ensure that the work is safe and up to the requirements of the local building code enforcement office.
Is There A Tripped Switch Or Is The Power Cut?: There are two main things you can check when your electrical will not work. One is to go to the circuit breaker and see if there is a breaker that is tripped. You can tell if the switch on the panel is switched the other direction as the rest. You can flip it over to see if that fixes the issue. If not you may have a power cut. In this instance you want to contact an electrician to come out and assess the issue. The electrician can look at the problem and determine the repairs that are needed.

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