Don’t Let Your Christmas Tree Be An Electrical Fire Hazard in Atlanta, GA; Don’t Use Damaged Lights, Use Multiple Outlets, Avoid Overloading Circuits & More

The Christmas season brings out joy and excitement not only for children but really for everyone. One of the most fun ways to get in the holiday spirit is to start decorating and putting up a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is something that people use often but they can be a danger to your home. They are the cause of over four deaths a year due to electrical fires. They are a hazard and you want to be sure that you use safety tips to keep them from catching fire. One of the main decorations that is put on a tree are lights. The lights are strings that are sold specifically for the trees and other decorating but they are still running electricity which should be cared for appropriately.

Sullivan Electrical Services Lists Things to Do to Keep Your Tree Safe Around Electrical Lights

Keep The Tree Watered: One of the best ways to keep your tree from catching fire is to make sure that it has water. When you go and purchase a real tree make sure that you get one that is fresh. You never want to choose one that has been sitting around getting dried out. Be sure that you pay the extra to get one that has been kept fresh. You also want to have a good tree standing by ready for your new Christmas tree and fill it with water each day. Set a timer or reminder for you to put fresh water in each day to keep it from drying too fast. When it starts to dry out it becomes a danger especially when there is lights that are run to it.
Don’t Use Damaged Lights: When you are ready to start your decorating take time out to check the lights. The strings of lights you pull out of storage were most likely packed in a box over a year ago. When you get them back out it is a good idea to look at the lights, bulbs and cords to make sure that you don’t see any damage. You also need to plug them in and check if they are as bright as they should be or there are lights out. If you notice any damage at all to the string of lights make sure that you throw them out and start over. It is worth keeping your tree safe through the Christmas season.
Don’t Overload Circuits; Use Multiple Outlets: Another thing that people tend to do during the holidays is to plug in additional lights and other electronics throughout the holiday. The issue is that you are adding more plugs to your already used outlets. The outlets should never be overloaded. You want to use different outlets to plug in your decorations. You can buy a power strip to help with the load of electricity that is coming from a particular outlet.

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If you are using a fresh tree for your holiday decorating this year you want to take time to watch for electrical safety. Contact Sullivan Electric Services for all your electrical needs.

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