Common Causes of Electrical Wiring Problems in Lithonia, GA; Overloading, Corrosion & More

More than ever, people rely on electricity around the clock as it is woven into our lives. It is something that we often take for granted because it is such an integral part of our homes and businesses. However, when there is an issue with our electrical system, it can lead to a loss of power that can leave us incredibly inconvenienced. The electrical wiring in our houses is like anything else; it can sometimes fail. When we experience problems with electrical wiring, it can be caused by several different factors. Sullivan Electric Services is here to talk about some of the reasons your electrical wiring might fail.

Why & How Does Electrical Wiring Get Damaged?

If you are experiencing issues with the electrical wiring in your house, it is important to understand why. When you know the cause of the damage, you can hopefully avoid future damage. Here are some of the most common causes of damage to electrical systems.
– Wear & Tear: Just like anything else in your home, as time goes on, it starts to wear out. The electrical wiring is the same. There are temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and exposure to the elements that can often lead to extreme wear and tear over time. The electrical wiring found throughout your house has insulation around it. As that starts to degrade, it can lead to less conductivity and even failure.
– Overloading: One of the most common reasons that electrical wiring fails is due to issues with overloading. Electrical wiring only has a certain capacity to safely carry the current throughout the house. If the demand for electricity surpasses the wire’s capacity, it leads to overloading. This can cause the wire’s insulation to melt and damage to occur.
– Corrosion: If you live in a humid or coastal area, something you need to think about is corrosion. In these areas, the increased moisture in the air can cause components of the wiring to deteriorate with corrosion. This makes the wires far more prone to failure.
– Rodent Damage: No one wants rodents to live in their home for a number of different reasons. These critters can spread disease and cause damage to your home. They tend to chew on different materials in your home which includes the electrical wiring found in your house. This leads to short circuits and even puts your home at risk of an electrical fire when the damage is bad enough. This is often a problem in older homes or homes that don’t have any rodent proofing measures in place.

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If you have noticed that there are signs of damage to your electrical system, you can rely on the professionals at Sullivan Electric Services to diagnose the problem and work to solve it. It doesn’t matter what the extent of the damage is to your electrical system, we can fix it. We handle any and all electrical repairs. Call us today!

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